What is the largest dome constructed so far using your technology?

  • I am in the Philippines and plan to build a beach resort and home and wanted to know what is the largest dome constructed using your technology? I want my home to be much larger than what is shown in the videos and I also was wondering if you can use the air crete as the floor in a 2 story dome?


  • That is a good question? I wonder too.

  • @Paradise2017 Why use aircrete for a 2nd story floor? You can use a regular concrete mix and rebar for that , along with columns to hold a thinner floor and then do the exterior shell of aircrete as in the video. Even the whole dome would benefit from a thin exterior and inner layer of regular concrete mix over the aircrete to add in strengh and sealing. A light aircrete core, rebared sandwich structure would be ideal. The heavier thermal mass from a layer of inner regular concrete will also help with thermal insulation.

  • @Paradise2017 If I use Aircrete as a 2nd story floor would the lighter weight enable me to also use Aircrete for the supporting columns and beams???

  • Joe I believe the same thing that is why I'm testing that building method.

    Youtube Video

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