tutorial video for little dragon construction

  • hey there
    so it seems that plenty of people have been figuring the contruction all out from these photocopy instructions but honestly for me there are moments where im stumped because of lack of knowledge about these componants or the images being too dark and in black and white...people all have our own strenghts and haha electronics/motors are not my thing...
    bought the pdf instructions first and realized that i was in no way going to be able to contruct or find some of these pieces...so i ended up buying the kit and still i feel a little lost at times and worried im installing something backwards...honestly would be great if there was an instrcutoonal vid for putting these kits together...even just a dvd that comes with the kits that has everything one would have questions about, from construction of the little dragon to construction of a block would be awesome...i know that these sorts of dvds exsist for other things out there like rocket stoves for example and they can really help...thanks...


  • yes, we intend to make the video when we get caught up.
    I apologize for the inconvenience

  • Is there somewhere we can at least download a colour version of the instructions? I am having the same issue, I think a colour PDF would help a lot!

  • send me an email at hajjar@domegaia.com and I'll send it to you. I'm not sure how to attach it to this forum?

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