Bender Parts

  • I would like to get the bender with a serie of different rollers, square tubing as well as round tubing. It looks like you are not proposing extra rollers, would you kindly informe me if you can provide me with the bender plus extra rollers for square tubing aswell as the round tubing.
    Thank you in advance, and keep up with the GOOD work you are doing.
    Thank again.

  • Thanks Alex,
    I intend to offer more roller dies. 1/2" emt and 3/4" square for example. I just got samples for 1 3/8" fence tubing, but it may be too much for the drill to handle. What sizes do you prefer?

  • @hajjargibran Greetings,
    I have the Little Dragon mixer and now I'm ready for the Bender but, I'm wanting to use 2" square tubing. Powering the bender will not be a problem and, with that said, is it possible to get the roller dies for this size tubing? For that matter, even the CAD drawings for machining locally.

  • 2" square is to big to power with a drill motor. Our bender is limited to 3/4" square.

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