Using AirCrete as a filler for tires on a tire wall (Reynolds earthship)

  • Would aircrew work as a tire filler rather than earth rammed tires on wall that would be earth berm as in Reynolds earthship homes. It no doubt wouldn't expand the tires and they wouldn't end up weighing 300 lbs each but wonder if it would be strong enough to hold up against earth berm on three sides. I expect the lite weight would make it unsuitable but just wondering if it would work.

  • It would be a lot easier and plenty strong
    , but you wouldnt' have the thermal mass.

  • Ooh. We have long-term plans for our new property, and a half-buried (with tires) low-grade geothermal air greenhouse is definitely on that plan. Excited to think this would be a good (faster/easier) option!

    I wonder if this system would work above ground as a perimeter wall? I have access to lots of used tires and I'd love a round building with a wooden reciprocal roof. Course, we could just build it with upright post supports and aircrete in/around, but I like the idea of using garbage and not having to pay for new commercial lumber.

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