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  • [For some context see my post: Encapsulating Crawlspace.]
    Has anyone successfully done any DIY pumping of Aircrete? Specifically I'm looking for a horizontal run of less than 125' and only a few vertical feet. I'm considering a 2 or 3" semi-trash water pump from Harborfreight, but would be interested in other options that have been successful.

  • My opinion, and is only an opinion based on what I know and have seen, is that you can not use a water pump from HF for any type of aggregate, including concrete. Concrete pumps are completely difference in their mechanism and you will burn your cheap HF pump within the few first minutes of pumping. If you are good building stuff yourself, you could build a concrete pump or a tesla pump that will be able to move aggregate without burning. Also, the pump might kill your air bubbles, even if it is a concrete pump. You would need to fabricate a special nozzle in which you can inject the foam just prior to pouring and that is separate from the concrete slurry. What you are asking is not impossible, but not easy either. You will be better off using the green dragon or the foam adapter and do several batches in 55 gallon plastic drums before pouring. Hope this helps.

  • Yes, I have done a DIY pumping of aircrete. You can see on my YouTube channel.
    What I recommend for pumping aircrete is a steel tank that can be filled with the aircrete and pumped with air pressure.
    In the videos i'm testing 2 things one is the pump two is the aircrete mix. what I don't explain in the video with my mix, is the foam generator i'm using is a commercial grade machine that adds almost 3 gallons of water into the foam. So if I did not have sand in the mix it would have a much higher flow rate. And would have been much lighter and easier to pump with.

  • @Joe but how do you get it out of the 55 gal drum?

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