Order hasn't shipped???

  • Ordered the little dragon. I received email my order had been received as well as payment and would get another email when my order was shipped. I understand I ordered on a weekend but thought surely it would be shipped Monday..... It's now Wednesday and no word on my order. How long does it take to get it shipped out. There was no mention of any backorder or anything like that, had there been I would not have made any order.

  • What is your name or order #? Orders usually ship the next day or within a few days. We have had longer waits because of problems getting some parts on time. For example we're presently waiting for some custom Bender parts that got lost in a damaged package.

  • Order # 552602566

  • It is in transit priority mail from Hawaii. Expected arrival date the 16th.
    Your USPS Tracking Number: 92055901755477000027101726

  • @hajjargibran thank u for your quick response!!!

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