R value?

  • Hi all, I saw a post from Ohio and no response on cold weather.. what is the R value for these structures (Colorado @ 5K ft.)?

    Thanks much!

  • @Teresa-Keller dam no one replied :( the R value increases with thickness. so the r value with an 8 inch thick wall or block is 18 :)

  • I'm surprised no answer yet also. I plan to build my dome building system in Colorado next year.
    I'm starting with a 4 inch thick layer of concrete than applying a 12 inch thick layer of aircrete on top of that for insulation on my home.

  • @Talyn71 They give a great thesis on why r-value is unimportant, however we live in the real world where we need something to compare two products by. by their statements you could not tell the insulative value of an aircrete dome from a steel dome. I wish they would stop hiding from the truth. AAC blocks are not the same thing as aircrete made with soap, but those blocks are given an r-1 rating. Hope that helps.

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