Impact of injecting aircrete into wall cavity

  • If the AC mix is injected into a wall cavity what will happen to the drywall during the cure process?
    Has anyone done this? If so, was any damage done to the interior and exterior wall?
    Winter is coming on and need a response as soon as possible.


  • I don't believe any damage will happen to your drywall. I have some drywall that is sitting outside and it has been rained on a few times and it still looks fine. That makes me believe it will be fine for the curing process of the cement. I am planing on making a video this week of this exact test, filling a wall cavity with aircrete.

  • @Talyn71 Thanks for your reply. I have seen most of your videos on youtube and appreciate the testing and the technical approach yoiu have used to test aircrete. Am looking forward to your new video that you mention in your reply. Great work.

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