Large Scale Production Mixer

  • Does anyone have suggestions on a large volume mixer setup for the little dragon aircrete? I could have sworn I saw one a few months ago. Basically, I want to hook up the foam input and a hopper of cement on one end and get continuous Aircrete output on the other. Looking to use this for sub-flooring slabs and other large scale applications.

  • Nothing? Surly someone has an idea of what I'm talking about...?

  • Without having to buy a machine all you have to do is order a cement truck. You will have to calculate the amount of cement and water needed. ( you know you need 7 gallons of water to one 94 lbs of cement and mix in foam in a 50 gallon drum) Than time the amount of foam needed and inject the foam into the cement truck and mix it in the truck. Sounds like you're going to need a lot of cement for your sub-flooring anyway, that's what I would do.

  • In this video the continuous aircrete mixer and foamer is shown. In another discussion, someone wrote that this machine is under redesign for better performance.

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