• Hi guys.
    I ordered a little dragon and a mixer from you on the 23rd of September. I received the little dragon but not the mixer. Is it back ordered? Or is it on it's way to me already.
    Please advice.
    Renato Choiselat.

  • @CHOISELAT1 Hi Renato, The tracking numbers I previously sent are accurate, for the USPS (not UPS) package and FedEx package. Both were delivered.

  • @CHOISELAT1 I think they are telling you USPS, not UPS. Two different companies. Maybe you find it invalid because you are trying to use the UPS website. Use the USPS(Unites States Postal Service) website to track the USPS number and you might get an answer.

    Use this page and put your number and you will see it.


    For what you are telling it looks like someone stole your Fedex package from your front door. This was in September?? You will have to take this with Fedex. Next time ask for confirmation delivery with sign, so Fedex dont just leave it at the front door.

  • @domegaia said in WHERE IS THE REST OF MY ORDER.:


    can you please resend me the ups tracking number. the one you sent me is invalid.
    thank you

  • @CHOISELAT1 The Little Dragon you received was shipped by USPS, tracking number 92055901755477000028690076. The mixer was shipped by FedEx, tracking number 787860221366. Both packages show they were delivered. Please advise.

  • quick question.
    I spoke with fed ex they said one package was delivered. 787860221366
    On the invoice they emailed me it stated one package.
    Which I received. (the little dragon)
    How many packages did you send?

  • @CHOISELAT1 Hi Renato, I've spoken with the drop shipper again and they confirmed that the mixer was sent to you and the tracking number 787860221366 confirms it was delivered. The best thing to do now is to check with your neighbors and/or file a claim with FedEx. Because the package is shown to be delivered to your address, there is nothing more we can do. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.

  • yes. one package was delivered!!!!!
    the little dragon but not the mixer!!!
    look at what The photos i sent you..
    Believe me .. I'm not trying to cheat you out of a mixer.
    I just need you to send me what i paid for that's all

  • @CHOISELAT1 Hi Renato, The tracking number (787860221366) states the package has been delivered. I would advise checking with your local FedEx store. Aloha

  • @domegaia
    Hey Guys any word on that mixer?


    Renato choiselat
    254 south center st. Unit A
    Redlands ca. 92373
    Same shipping info as for the little dragon

  • Similar issue. Placed order a week ago today.
    No shipping information was sent as of yet.
    Can I please get a tracking number.
    Order #738089325.
    Anthony Palmeri

  • Renato choiselat
    254 south center st. Unit A
    Redlands ca. 92373
    Same shipping info as for the little dragon

  • @EarthDigger Our sincere apologies for the confusion and frustration. The mixer is drop shipped separately from the Little Dragon. Please provide your first and last name and we will look into the details.

  • @CHOISELAT1 Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience. We received the following response from our drop shipper for the mixer: "Unfortunately sometimes it happens with delivery. Shipping company states that the package has been delivered and the customer says that not. Usually we ask the customer to check at neighbors and open a case at their USPS local office, also we open cases of lost packages as a shipper."

  • Hi, I have a similar situation except for me the one box that was delivered was the mixer and I am still waiting for my DIY dragon kit. I also got a tracking number with 1 package delivered (in my case it was the mixer). No tracking number for the second package. I have emailed and posted on this forum. No response on forum and the responses via email are "it was shipped but we don't have a tracking number" and then a separate response stating "here is the tracking number" which turned out to be the same tracking number I already had with the 1 package. No responses to my responses on those. This is getting really frustrating.

  • these are the photos of the item received.
    you can see on the FEDEX site that only one package was delivered.
    Your prompt response is crucial to my job.
    thank you

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