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  • Hello,
    I am very interested in having a dome home and hosting a workshop in Maryland. I called the local government and a question i was asked is if you use the 2015 builders guide or standards to ensure that the structure meets the codes. I need the dome to be handicap accessible, so the door ways need to go to floor and be wider than normal. What is the sq footage of Steve's dome? I want to build a dome or a set of domes which are connected that have 1500 to 2000sq ft, all on one floor with 2 handicap accessible bathrooms. Do you have blue prints for a dome house like that? Also, what is the cost for that structure? Steves cost $9000. Thank you....Luisa

  • Hi LD,

    I'm currently waiting for my structural engineering plans to be ready. It is designed to meet building codes in Colorado. I have the floor plans you can see, it is a 3 bedroom design with the master bedroom on the second floor . If you're interested in my dome home design I would sell them to you to help me with the expenses. The front door will be 4 feet wide and all interior doors are 36 inches. 0_1507515372885_First Floor.jpg

  • Awesome work!!!

  • Hi Talyn71
    The blueprint is beautiful. I like the use of space and how it flows. I am looking for a house on one floor, no basement or upstairs. Do you have drawings like that? Thanks

  • You can see other floor plans on this website. http://www.monolithic.org/homes/floorplans

  • @domegaia Thank You!

  • @Talyn71 thankyou

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