Price of workshop

  • I don't like that I can't find the actual cost of a workshop, only that I can put down a $500 deposit. Not cool. Please be upfront about your business.

  • The site is not clear when navigating sometimes. From here

    Click on the workshop picture and scroll through all the info about it. You will see the entire cost towards the bottom. Cost depends on accommodations meals ect..

  • @mrslrat Our apologies for the confusion. The pricing is listed at the bottom of each workshop webpage. We will work to make it more navigable for future workshops. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

  • Your price seems VERY high considering we are doing the labor to build someones house. Also I wanted my wife to accommodate me so she could also learn and assist with our building but with the HIGH price that moves it out of my budget. The price that would work for me is $500 per person and $900 for couples. That would be for the workshop only - I know meals and accommodations would be above and beyond that.

  • Try 1700 with meals and a place to camp.

  • @Paradise2017 We're sorry the workshop is beyond your price range. We are planning to create an online training that will be more affordable than the workshop.

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