Foamed Magnesium oxide Cement

  • Hi
    Has anyone used MGO Cement( Magnesium oxide cement) and made a foamed "crete". ( I have seen the Airkrete insulation)

  • I made it one time from Magnesium oxide cement. It came out very light great for insulation. I need to make different mixes to see if it can be made stronger. I will make a video next time I make it.

  • Harry,
    I have spoken to the president of Airkrete wall insulation where they use Magnesium Oxide cement. I tried to make a portland based foam concrete as stiff as shaving creme to use as insulation but was unsuccessful. It is always a very runny mixture. I am interested what your results were with the Magnesium Oxide Cement and did you have a mixture that could be used to fill a wall cavity for insulation? Where did you buy the Magnesium Cement and how much did it cost? Thanks
    Stephen Williams

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