Travel to the Baja from California

  • Re: Workshop in Baja
    I am thinking of attending the Baja workshop. I am not much on camping, and not much on flying either. I was wondering how secure the highway is down the Baja. If I could drive, I could bring more tools. My wife will probably not attend, but spend the days either taking pictures and checking out beaches.

    It would be better than the winter in Iowa!

  • We don't know how the highway is in Baja to give you a good idea. We'd love to have you join us!

  • @Qazulight I rode my motorcycle from Modesto to Cabo early this year.. roads were very good for most of the trip.. only one river crossing that was a little hairy.. I suggest an SUV with good ground clearance.. 4WD not necessary.. daytime driving only is preferred

  • @JerryD Thanks for the info Jerry!

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