Need to reach someone from Domegaia via email - description in the comments

  • Hi Domegaia!

    I'm Oliver, lead video producer at Weebly Inc.! I'm reaching out to you because of an exciting video series we are launching off on called "Weebly Stories," a mini documentary series about our cool customers, their products, and their stories - the road to following their passions and reaching success.

    We have been compiling a list of potential costumers whose story we'd like to tell, and we thought that Domegaia, your process, and the sustainable and creative homes you make would be an intriguing video/story to tell to aspiring business owners who also want to follow their passions - while also creating unique/awesome products. Weebly aspires to be a launchpad for making such passions a reality and we hold a stake in our customer's success.

    These videos will likely be about a 2-4 minutes.

    I'd love to chat with you further about doing a video with Domegaia at any time of your convenience.

    Here is my email -


    Good things,


  • And how much " being a launchpad" for future business would cost? Do you charge for this service?

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