Cost Per Square Foot / Square Meter?

  • Hello Everyone
    I asked this about two months ago with no reply
    Will anyone share what the square meter or square foot cost of an AirCrete dome in $USD?

    From the standpoint of a "do it your self"

  • @Concrete-Pete Hello! We estimate a cost of $1 per square foot, per inch of thickness. This covers the AirCrete, fabric, and foundation. Hope this helps!

  • @Concrete-Pete I made a rough spreadsheet to estimate dome cost. It doesn't include any finishing...

    Just select the thickness, in feet, in the green cells.
    Please let me know if it works.

    **Edit. I updated the spreadsheet to allow selection of values.

  • @HandyDan Very cool, Dan! Your contributions are greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work!

  • I am designing a Nubian arch aircrete modular dome system. I have very limited resources so I came up with a design which lets me build a "room" to live in and then add "rooms" as needed. I have a solid modeling program which lets me build an exact model and it gives me total cubic inches and other info. I made a spreadsheet using all the data I could glean from the DomeGaia sight and I get this
    0_1512618013986_upload-05b229f1-6289-4df3-aee3-932a5f5fe192 Cubic '' Cubic Feet "Bags of
    Portland (94lbs) " "Water
    gallons per Bag Portland" Price
    5.5 7 $10.03
    5.5 Foundation 183504.8492 106.2 19 135 $193.66
    5.5 Floor 140853.8957 81.5 15 104 $148.65
    5.5 Entrance/Shell 814940.051 471.6 86 600 $860.04
    Stucco Finish 0.0 0 0 $-

    		120	839	 $1,202.35 

    This is just the Portland cost. I have not figured out how far the Drexel or Dawn dish soap goes.

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