Volcanic Ash Mix?

  • Apparently, the 'secret' ingredient in Roman concrete (like in the coliseum) was volcanic ash. Anyone tried a volcanic ash mix?

  • What's amazing too is that the ports the Romans made are still intacked and some are still being used today! Very cool! I want to try it with the aircrete just having a little trouble finding some in small quantities. Any suggestions?

  • @BuffaloRiver Can you share images of your sculpture. Are you using aircrete for your?

  • I bought a palette of fly ash, ordered from my masonry supply. Used in dams and wherever permeability to water needs to be reduced. Less expensive that Portland cement; byproduct of burning coal. There are several kinds of ash, rice ash is another. The concrete engineer guy at the local university suggested 50/50 ratio instead of 100% Portland which I've been using for sculpture for 5-6 years.

  • probably no shortage of volcanic ash and seawater in Hawaii, amirite?

  • http://news.berkeley.edu/2013/06/04/roman-concrete/

    The recipe for Roman concrete was described around 30 B.C. by Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, an engineer for Octavian, who became Emperor Augustus. The not-so-secret ingredient is volcanic ash, which Romans combined with lime to form mortar. They packed this mortar and rock chunks into wooden molds immersed in seawater. Rather than battle the marine elements, Romans harnessed saltwater and made it an integral part of the concrete.

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