Air compressor setup to suit the Little Dragon???

  • I am waiting for the arrival of my little dragon and want to get the smallest and quietest air compressor that does the job, as we live off grid and power is always a consideration...otherwise I would just overcompensate.

    I am looking for a compressor that suits the recommended minimum of "2.5cfm@90psi" but there are very few manufacturers here in Australia who state their specifications in this format/clearly/honestly
    I CAN find max pressures (psi). But the flow rates (cfm, lpm) are very rarely followed by @...psi.

    I was further thrown off by the fact that the one supplier who does state the pressure at which the flow was tested, uses "CFM FAD" which apparently stands for 'Flow Actually Delivered' which is apparently 1/3 less than "CFM displacement". I would imagine that most manufacturers use the later format as it makes their product look 1/3 better. To many variables and not enough real information :confounded:

    How do I know which compressor to get? Is there anyone out there who is already an expert on air compressors who can save me from becoming one? i.e. Is there a formula relating to cut in pressure and max pressure, tank volume, flow rate etc that will tell me it can produce 2.5cfm@90psi?

    or am I over complicating things? maybe some examples (with specs i.e. Horse power, volume) of smaller compressors being used successfully would also help me get my bearings

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks

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