Kalapana workshops

  • Aloha! Will you be holding your Kalapana workshops if there is a lot of rain?
    How will that work since we am expecting a hands-on class?

  • @Sondra We still plan to have the workshops even with rain! We have a good amount of tent coverage for the work spaces. Hope to meet you. Aloha

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Sondra Hello Sondra, Please see the email we just sent you! Aloha

  • I just attended a day long workshop in Kalapana with Hajjar and the clan and it was awesome!! The teachers in training were super knowledgeable, clear, friendly, and helpful. The hands-on experience you gain working with the material and being able to pick their brains when a question pops into your head is invaluable. From sourcing materials, to determining price per square foot, to the most updated recipes and building ideas, we learned so much! I am super inspired to start building my first structure (probably an egg shaped outhouse) and feel equipped to start experimenting with this building material. To build an entire dome house start to finish, a 10 day workshop would be necessary as we only witnessed a half constructed dome and imagine there being some tricks of the trade when getting close to laying the last block at the top. I live on Hawaii island and spend most of my time either in Kohala or Puna. If anyone is interested in joining me with my first build, I would love to play aircrete with you. I highly suggest signing up for the day-long workshop if there are still spaces available and if you are on Hawaii Island.

  • @pprentiss09
    Aloha, We just attend the workshop on the 25th .. We feel the same, it was awesome!
    We are currently staying at HPP, but will be building at Fern Forest.. It's all about helping each other, we love to help/play aircrete with you.. Let us know..


  • @pprentiss09 Thank you for joining us and for the glowing review! Come back again sometime. :) Mahalo nui loa

  • @olga Aloha, I see you are building an aircrete home and would love to be in touch as I plan to do the same! Are you on Facebook? Mahalo and. Congrats on your building plans in fern forest!

  • @pprentiss09
    Aloha, I’d love to be in touch with all of you . We plan to build a dome when we return to big island. My email is emileegeo@gmail.com and I’m on Facebook. Emilee Rutledge

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