Kalapana workshops

  • Aloha! Will you be holding your Kalapana workshops if there is a lot of rain?
    How will that work since we am expecting a hands-on class?

  • @Sondra We still plan to have the workshops even with rain! We have a good amount of tent coverage for the work spaces. Hope to meet you. Aloha

  • The only day we can make it is the 18th. and now that is not listed. We would REALLY like to come & this may be our only chance! We don't live in Hawaii & have been following you all winter. We even changed our plans, loosing out on our airbnb lodging to come. And then we had to book a new airbnb down the road. Can 2 people still sign up?

  • @Sondra We have been travelling the island without internet.

  • @Sondra Hello Sondra, Please see the email we just sent you! Aloha

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