Aircrete is collapsing

  • I have had difficulty creating long-lasting foam using the seventh generation dish soap. The aircrete mixes well and pours with a light velvety texture, however after about 20 minutes in the mold, it starts to rapidly collapse, within a minute or two, down to half of its poured volume.

    I am using the ratios found on the website:

    Little Dragon 5-gallon Bucket
    -35:1 water:detergent

    Aircrete 5-gallon Bucket (added in this order)
    -10.5 lb portland "low alkalai type II/V" cement
    -6.3 lb water
    Concrete Slurry is mixed thoroughly
    -rich hearty foam @~60 psi is added to fill up the rest of the 5-gallon bucket
    Aircrete Slurry is mixed thoroughly

    This mixture is about 1/3 concrete slurry and 2/3 foam, per one of domegaia's videos.

    This same mix and procedure had worked out for one batch in the past and it hasn't worked since. Maybe because that was on a somewhat hot day (85 degF), it is colder now (60 degF), do you think that temperature difference would create such a drastic change in aircrete formation? I cant think of anything else that would be different..

    Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

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  • ^^some examples of aircrete collapsing. that aircrete shown in the cardboard box was filled to the brim. and it collapsed more than half the height! any tips come to mind?

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    Hi Leroy,
    I doubt it has anything to do with the temp. When it collapse like you discribe it is almost always caused by the wrong foam density. Do you have a good scale? The foam should weight between 80 - 100 gram/lt
    or 3 oz/qt.
    Make sure the foam density is correct and please let us know how it worksout.

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    Make sure the foam density is 80 - 100 gr/lt (3oz/qt) then let us know how it works.

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