Form for Aircrete

  • Has anyone made a form for one bag of Portland/foam mix per DomeGaia's direction? It would be nice to have forms that would hold a batch so you don't have too much left over when pouring a batch or not enough to fill out your form.

  • That’s what I’m doing exactly :) works out to be 4’x6’x3.5”. I use pvc siding boards for the form for longevity and ease of release/clean up.

  • @kimo THanks Kimo - this number will really help in calculating how much we can make per batch

  • @kimo Thanks for the info. I take it your blocks i.e. walls are 3.5" thick. So if I do a little math and change up for 5" thick blocks

  • @kimo - did you use the PVC siding alone without any backing? And they are strong enough to hold 55 gal of air crete?

  • Can you please up load a picture of your forms for the bricks? I am new. Working on calculating the cost of doing small tiny houses for my kids. They are homeschooled. I would like to make separate living spaces for them at our home. Thanks for your help.

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