Little Dragon in Australia

  • Has anybody in Australia bought a Little Dragon and has it operating?

  • Yes, we've sent lots of them there. Here's a picture that just came in this morning that says it all! 0_1494345615150_IMG_0565.JPG

  • Looks great, I want to get this whole set up. While I was checking on you tube, I saw people were really struggling making aircrete blocks. They were coming out unstable and brittle. Would it be a safer bet to just mix it by the 55 gal drum method. They also mentioned in the videos that there is a 30 day cure period and that they found that info on the website.
    I could'nt find that on the site.
    Oh wait, they probably meant the cement manufacturer's website.
    Any who, just looking for some reassurance before I buy this stuff. Aircrete looks amazing! Though.

  • Some people had problems getting the mix right with our Green Dragon continuous mixer. The batch mixing system with Little Dragon and our foam injection mixer works great. It's simple to mix the right recipe everytime.

  • I see the Little Dragon on the site but I don't see a Green Dragon?

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