Serious Mind Bender - Dell Dimension B110

  • Hi,

    I am currently working on an elder lady's Dell Dimension B110 and am having troubles.

    I re-installed XP for her on request and have installed all drivers from the dell drivers support area.

    I freshly installed the audio/chipset drivers/network etc .. the required.

    looking at everything and scanning the System to make sure everything was installed correctly I assumed this was a done deal and a sound machine.

    Problem is I was using my Wireless USB connection to connect to my router. When she took it home she could not connect to the internet via LAN/Ethernet Cable.

    I offered to take it home thinking it would be a quick fix but dells drivers for the B110 Network/Intel Drivers seem to "look" like its installed correctly but give me the "A cable is unplugged"

    I checked the port when plugging in to see if it lights up and it does not.. I dont see how I could have broke it al all considering all i did was clean dust carefully and changed out the thermal compound between the cpu/heatsink.

    For More Details:
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  • @kevinmanuel This has nothing to do with Aircrete construction. Please post in a proper forum.

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