Dome Gaia's Aircrete & Tiny Homes

  • Hi,

    So I've been studying a bit about DomeGaia's aircrete, hoping to make it to one of the workshops they are currently organizing throughout the year. And I was wondering if anyone else has studied this method of building, particularly first hand. And if so I was curious to know more about there experience with it.

    Like for instance, do the walls have thermal mass or is there draft because it's made out of mostly air.

    I also wanted to brainstorm on using the material to make light weight tiny homes on wheels. I've seen a tiny home made with adobe, and I was just curious about tiny mobile homes made with alternative materials in general

    And I was just curious to see if anyone else in this forum was thinking along those lines or wanted to with me.

    Like I'd love for anyone who goes to one of the workshops they are having soon (in hawaii and costa rica, currently I can't make it to either, but maybe if they come to North America or something magical happens on my end) to share some of their experiences here.

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