• Hello, we need help to track the aircrete foam-injector mixer we ordered from your site 3 weeks ago. We are from the Philippines. The last track e-mail we received from USPS with the Tracking Number: CB150396692US is the following:

    Your item was processed through a facility in MNL CENTRAL MAIL EXCHANGE CTR AIR, PHILIPPINES on May 2, 2018 at 9:20 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

    It' now May 7, we haven't received anymore updates and we're getting worried. Manila is just 1 hour air flight time to Cebu, our destination. We hope you could check on this. Thanks.

  • @servi I'm also living in Cebu and looking into building domes for Siargao. Curious to know if you already started building a dome? Trying to gather people in Cebu who are interested in building Aircrete domes so we can join forces and maybe see if someone can give a workshop. I have a good location for this. Hope to connect.

  • don't have any direct info, however, i just sent something to Ghana, Africa a few months ago and it took nearly 4 weeks to arrive usps. Customs (both leaving and coming) can hold packages for indefinite periods of time and delay shipments. Check with customs. Hope this helps

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