Difference between Pittsburgh Bender and VILFO besides xmod?

  • Hi,

    I have the Bender and like it and I know that a big difference between it and the VILFO is that the Bender is two LFOs, and they're cross modulating each other (unless something is put into the 'RCV' of one or both).
    Looking at just one LFO on the Bender, it appears (on the outside) to be nearly identical to the ViLFO: Same outputs (TRI and VAR wave), same controls (three knobs, one speed switch). But when it comes to input, they're similar except the VILFO has an 'ICV' (influence CV) input and attenuator, while the Bender has 'RCV' input and attenuator.
    Has anyone played with both? Are the 'ICV' and 'RCV' inputs basically the same with different labels, or does the VILFO behave differently? If it's different, what does the VILFO do that's different than modifying rate and wave shape?

    Any Suggestion Would be appreciate.

    I didn't find right solution on the internet.

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