Using earth-bag poly bags as a form

  • I just had an idea and wanted to see if anybody tried this or if you think it can work.
    I am thinking of using aircrete for a number of landscape features and was thinking that using the bags that come on a roll would be possibly a very easy way to do them. As I can lay the long bag in the shape I want it and fill it with air create and tie it up. Question is weather there will be any problems with curing/drying water leaking, etc.

  • Using Aircrete would seem a very expensive way to go. Why not use earth in the earth bags? It's relatively cheap if not free. You might save a litle labor but I am prety sure the bags will leek. Even so experimentation is good. We never know when a project might need something like that.

  • If it leaks water it will collapse.

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