Foam delivery

  • We have 10m dia demountable formwork for a dome.
    We intend to pour domes onsite using a 1m3 pan mixer delivering 1 m3 every 10 min for a total of 21m3
    Do do you have equipment that can provide the foam at a rate would be suitable for this situation?

  • administrators

    Your question prompts me to measured the exact rate. However, Little Dragon, our continuous foam generator provides foam at approximately that rate. I'll measure the exact rate and get back to you.

  • Thank you

  • I'd love to know more about your formwork if you're interested in sharing.
    Please and thank you!

  • administrators

    We hope to have more info about that before too long. we're experimenting with new methods. We're using reinforcing fabric to line the forms of arches and round window. It bonds with the AirCrete and provide the necessary tensile strength that AirCrete lacks. It may work to fabric form an entire dome?

  • @glancyg I am wondering about your 10m dia demountable formwork for a dome. Would you mind sharing your method for building the formwork?

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