Replace Portland with Rapid Set Cement All?

  • Has anyone tried using Rapid Set's Cement All or Mortar Mix in place of Portland 94?
    I wonder if the ultra quick cure time and fast high psi hardening could help with foam collapsing challenges.
    Anyone tried it? Or even using it in a split mixture with Portland? If not, I may give it a go tomorrow.

  • @MADE
    I have tried sand/ topping mix, that didn’t work at all :( let us know how it goes!

  • What do you mean by sand/topping mix? What was your recipe and results, brittle and crumbly?

  • @MADE not sure what the sand/topping mix is.. it’s usually used to resurface worn or damaged concrete. It just happens to be inexpensive in Hawaii so I figured I would try it lol. $19 a bag for Portland here!
    The result was very brittle and flaky.. mostly just crumbled. It was strange because the surface set very fast and hard.. all the sand settled after pouring and fell apart days later :(

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