North West Louisiana

  • Wanting to build in NW Louisiana. The climate is humid,subtropic. We do get a few days of freezing weather in the winter. But the muggy heat is the major problem. Straw bale building can't be used due to development of mold. Very interested in the aircrete. Major problem.....water proofing and not developing mold. Anyone living in humid, subtropic climate in one of these homes??? And what did you do for this problem?? And is it working ?? Do the site owners comment on these pages?? Or do I have to hope that someone in the group has the answer???

  • Concrete by itself is water resistant. Concrete cures with water, so if you have a humid environment you should not worry. Most concrete building requires water spraying for up to a month to completely cure. Now, as with ANY concrete, it is also porous, and you should apply a good sealant, like an acrylic or polyurethane base and paint. Most houses in the tropics are built with concrete and the roof also. They get a roof sealer and good sealer/paint on the walls and that's it. You just reseal and repaint every few years. Hope this helps.

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