Building underground with aircrete

  • Is anyone building underground houses with aircrete, domed or otherwise? The insulative value seems like a good pairing to avoid condensation although, for passive solar, I think it should be behind a wall with more thermal mass which, I assume, the air in aircrete negates. Maybe with a standard concrete slab and aircrete walls a nice balance could be had. Any thoughts about these kinds of considerations or more basic things like aircrete strength and lateral support would be appreciated.

  • Yes, I was kind of thinking that. Not sure if aircrete would make sense as an insulating layer either. 6 inches of ridged foam is recommended and would probably be a lot cheaper but I'm not sure. I love the idea of aircrete for interior walls and south facing exterior walls. Aircrete would also offer good insulation for atrium walls open to the outside.

  • Concrete and rebar will be a lot stronger and give you your thermal mass. I would use aircrete as an insulation layer from the ground, so your thermal mass heat stays in and does not go into the ground. Your interior walls can be aircrete also.

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