• Was wondering what is the largest size dome in use ?? Saw this asked by another, but the thread got off the question, and it was never answered. Can't even get to the first stage of drawing a layout . The two of us have different ideas. One wants it to be a large single dome.....the other, a living area dome and each bedrooms a dome to themselves. Need pro and cons from people who have built them. Advice would
    be appreciated. Glenna

  • Some of the domes will be all aircrete. Others will be a mix of cement and aircrete.

  • @Talyn71 Will this be built with aircerete? What is the company? I would love to learn more.

    Thanks !!

  • @Zander Yes the hallway will be an arch 122 foot diameter 9' wide by 9' tall.

    We may create a workshop for the 3 different dome building systems we will be using. I will be working with a company that has built dome all around the world. I'm not sure what I will be using the arch space. This will be built in Colorado looking to get started this year.

  • @Talyn71 Perhaps some of the connector arches will be greenhouses as proposed by @garsett in this post?

  • @glenna Keeping individual dome sizes under 25 feet diameter seems to be the way to go for folks with little or no experience. Connecting domes is relatively simple to do, and can be done at any time. A 25 foot diameter dome has twice the square footage of a 20 foot diameter dome.

  • This would probably qualify as the largest dome complex. Very awesome! Is the circular hallway an arch? Are you interested in having work traders for assistance?

  • I think the largest dome home in the USA is 60 foot. I have designs for a single dome and multiple dome home design. Here is the design I will be building.0_1533982818036_Aircrete Harry Ring Dome Design.jpg

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