1910 building floor

  • Hello,

    I love your innovative ideas and kind help. I have an old building in Kansas that the termites got to the floor. There is a partial basement so all that is left are 14" x 4" solid walnut stringers about 4' apart. I was wondering if I could use the little dragon system and build 3" x 4' x 8' slabs and then attach them to the old walnut stringers. Do you think there would be enough strength doing this? I felt that by adding one or two supporting 2 x 6 it should handle anything.... your thoughts? I am building a distillery there. Quit the oilfield and want something more fun.

    Kind regards,

  • Whatever that you do that is going to hold a load, should have a rebar reinforcement, even with normal higher tensile strengh concrete. Also you should let them cure for at least 30 days before applying any load on them.

  • Good advice Joe, thanks much!

  • Hi Larry,
    4' is too much of a span for a 3" slab of AirCrete.

  • However if you span the 4 x 8' space with strong enough textile you could level it with aircrete. Much like a hammock.

  • Great Idea!

    I will add 2 x 4" between the old walnut stringers. That way there will be a support every 24". I will test it out and let you know how it works.

    Kind regards,

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