Finishing an aircrete floor

  • Hello, I am wanting to pour an aircrete floor for the house, porches, garage, and driveway. How do you finish the surface of this pour? I am assuming it needs a hard finish coat of some kind. Does the aircrete pour need reinforcing? Does the surface coat need reinforcing with something? Thank you for your help. I have learned a tremendous amount from watching the videos and reading the discussions.

  • Hi Stephen,
    AirCrete makes a great subfloor and it's good to put a finished floor on top. At least 1/2" hard sand and cement surface works great. And I recommend stamping and coloring for a fabulous finished look.

  • Thanks Hajjar. Is it necessary to use fiber reinforcement in the floor pour? I have been told that fiber in the concrete is stronger than laying wire mesh in the concrete. I am wanting to prevent cracking.

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