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  • I'm a general contractor in Los Angeles. I'm trying to find out the legality/possibility of building these in Los Angeles. Building codes make no mention of them and when I called Dept of Building and Safety for answers, the clerks knew nothing and had no idea what I was talking about. Any tips on how to find this info? Thanks.

  • You can find the information on celular concrete in the internet, but since this is a block that you would be manufacturing, your best bet would be to make some of them and send them to an engineering firm to be tested for compresive and tensile strengh and them use that paperwork to back up your building. Otherwise is just another concrete block that is simply lighter. The information on celular concrete available would be for each individual company formula, which will vary since some of them add certain types of sands, fibers, etc. Get your county building code, and then check what it says about concrete building regulations, and then just make sure that your tested block strengh will fall between the tolerances of your regular concrete building code. I suggest some type of mineral rebar like basalt rebar to add tensile strengh and make it more acceptable to your building code. Just my .2 cents.

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    We create a composite material by reinforcing the surface of the aircrete structure with reinforcing fabric. Unconventional structures usually require an engineers stamp of approval.

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