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  • Aircrete recipe Help. I need a good recipe for aircrete. I can't find fly ash unless I buy a yard on a truck. I'm just testing b4 I make a whole house of blocks. Home going t b in Colorado. Building commission said it is approved but th lag time stops th insulative properties. But thy use in Canada So I'm not too worried. Think if have t I can can put up radiant styrofoam barrier But really need ratios of Portland t foam. & do I use sand also Will it b strong w/out Thank u Dreamergirl

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    You can go as much as 1/1 sand/cement for more strength but it's less insulating.
    Our favorite recipe is, first mix 7 gal water with 94lbs cement. Then expand the volume with foam to make a total of 43 gallons of aircrete.

  • @hajjargibran That is 25 inches in a plastic 55 gallon barrel or 30 inches to make 43 gallons?

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