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  • Hi All,

    New to the forums but am very interested in building one of these. Does anyone have any idea how long a well built dome home built according to plan should last? Also, what kind of upkeep would be required?

    Thanks in advance

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    I believe a well built dome home will last 100 years with very little upkeep such as stucco and paint.

    I'm planing on building a small 8 foot by 8 foot dome to test some building ideas.
    I will be posting my videos on YouTube.

  • Did you sort out the issues you were having with AirCrete because the video you put up last year has received a lot of critical comments about AirCrete as well as Hajjar scamming people?

    Superplasticizer Air-Crete Test & 32 oz water flow rate per minute
    Youtube Video

    Did you ever receive any technical help from Hajjar to solve the issues you were having with brittleness?

    @Talyn71 said in Life Expectancy:

    I believe a well built dome home will last 100 years with very little upkeep such as stucco and paint.

    I'm planing on building a small 8 foot by 8 foot dome to test some building ideas.
    I will be posting my videos on YouTube.

  • We’re preparing to reintroduce an upgraded version of the Green Dragon

    Our new Green Dragon isn't available yet. We're in the process of upgrading it. Little Dragon is available. And you will need Little Dragon to work with the upgraded Green Dragon.

    Little Dragon is our stand along continuous foam generator designed to feed foam into our foam injection AirCrete batch mixer and our new Green Dragon continuous AirCrete mixer.

    The upgraded version of Green Dragon is configured to work with Little Dragon supplying the foam. Green Dragon's power motor plugs into Little Dragon so when Little Dragon is switched on, Green Dragon turns on simultaneously.

    The new Green Dragon has a water flow meter and upgraded control valves.

    A gate valve controls the water flow rate which is monitored with the water flow meter.

    One needle valve on the foam wand controls the flow rate of foam. You simply weight the weight of foam to determine the correct setting for you desired density. 1lb / qt produces good quality light weight AirCrete. Once the flow valves are set Green Dragon will produce consistent AirCrete at the rate of 10 gallons/minute continuously.

    Our foam injection mixer is perfect for small jobs and the Green Dragon for bigger jobs.

    We recently mixed 30 bags of cement through Green Dragon pouring 2 floor slabs and it worked great. It produces 10 gallon a minute continuously.

  • Hajjar,

    Thanks for responding and clearing up some confusion. I assume the brittleness he was having in the video above was due to the Dragon's inability to keep the correct ratio's of water, foam and cement?

    Does that mean that using a Little Dragon to make batches, there will be no brittleness issues like were seen in the above video?

    So glad to hear you have found a solution, thanks for sharing.

    Looking to buy the Little Dragon, mixer and bender. Could you do a package and include the upcoming instruction video with it?

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    @hajjargibran Hi again: Could you clarify the weight ratio of the foam you just gave? Is this an improvement you just found for the aircrete? I though I saw somewhere that it was supposed to be 3 oz by quart. Now I see 1 lb/qt, which would be a much denser foam. Thanks for all your help.

  • 3oz/qt is the weigth of the foam
    1 lb/qt is the weight of the fresh wet aircrete
    The mixing issues that he is having with Green Dragon are solved with batch mixing method using Little Dragon and a hand held mixer.
    You can build with AirCrete blocks and walk on a fresh AirCrete floor after a couple days but it take a month before fully cured and hardened.
    AirCrete has good tensile strength but little tensile strength. We add tensile strength reinforcing fabric applied to the surface, either by lining our forms or applying in a finishing layer.

  • We don't offer a discount package on our store at this time. But since you asked, I'll put it on our to do list for after the workshop we're doing until May 25th. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • @hajjargibran I would be interested in a discount package also. I need to get the Little Dragon and the Mixer and Bender also. I would be nice since people will buy it in a package instead of seperately.

  • Okay I'll see what we can do.

  • @hajjargibran can you use the little dragon to make insulation for quonset hut? and if so do you have any additional info on doing so? I spoke with the airKrete company who insulates and they said their products is different than yours. your aircrete is not a foam type for insulating. They use MgO cement. Do you think I could use that type of cement with the little dragon to make a lighter aircrete??

  • @Missionaries MGo uses aluminum power to act as a rising agent. it works more like making bread. you mix the ingredients and pour it into the form, then it self rises. not appropriate for the little dragon.

  • @hajjargibran said in Life Expectancy:

    AirCrete has good tensile strength but little tensile strength

    "AirCrete has good tensile strength but little tensile strength", typo? Do you have any measured data on your recipe? I'm new on this site, but as someone else already pointed out isn't AirCrete a trademark from an European company?

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