Does it need a autoclave?

  • I read on Wikipedia that aerated concrete needs to be put through an autoclave and this is the same as that. Why don't you do that or why isn't it needed with yours?

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    This is not autclaved concrete. This is called celular concrete. They are not the same and even within the autoclaved concrete and the celular concrete there are different variations on strengh. Each manufacturing company have their own recipe/ratio/ method. Autoclaved concrete uses a chemical reaction with aluminum to obtain the foaming while celular concrete not. In fact , I think that if you autoclave aircrete you will damage the bubbles, because an autoclave puts hot air and pressure on the block. Two completely different things.

  • Joe is correct, you do not need an autoclave for foamed concrete. There are concrete blocks and other shapes that are available in autoclaved cellular concrete - they have higher strength than what is generally made using foamed concrete.

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