Florida Hurricane Compliance

  • Please advise where one might go, to conficonfirm the Air Crete system complies with Florida's latest Hurricane regulations. We understand completed systems will need to have been tested. Have such tests been completed and certified as meeting or exceeding the applicable codes, rules and regulations? Please advise.

  • Major Contributor

    I think that a certification for each state would not be available because every state and county have their own regulations, and they change differently. You should contact an engineering firm local to the area you want to build and ask them how can you make the aircrete building to comply with the area you are going to build. Even a regular wood house that may be legal in one state or country, could be ilegal in another, so you have to ask this locally to your county or state requirements. You can even build some of the blocks and take them to an engineering firm to test them and give you the tensile and compressive strengh. It is better to get your local code and build around their minimum requirements than trying to convince them to accept your design.

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