Which Cabinet Table Saw?

  • I need a new Table Saw. My woodworking skills have progressed enough to where I want to step up to a Cabinet Style Table Saw. Considering a 10", 3 hp, saw in the under $3k range. The issue is which one?

    The Saw Stop is a good unit that emphasizes safety, maybe overly so. Reviews are good though and so is the price. The main safety feature may cause operational issues that could be annoying after reading their manual.

    Powermatics are incredibly good and probably offer the best quality.

    Delta was the standard, but I am not sure they warrant the high price. But a very high quality unit.

    Jet has good reviews, but a few hundred more and I have a better one. Who makes Jet? Is it chinese?

    Grizzly alot cheaper but offers good value. Are Grizzers made in China?

    Steel City offer alot of feature but do not know much about their line except they make saws for Craftsman. Is this Chinese?

    Craftsman,....been there done that. Not an option.

    Laguna is a very famous line, but I do not know much about them. Where are they made? Deutchland?

    Would appreciate some knowledgable advice as this is an important decision for this ol' Cowboy.

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