AirCrete floor

  • Hi,
    I'm looking for a solution for the floor at my new home.
    I want to make a floor that will be cheap, not get cold in the winter, and look good. Something that will replace the standard tiles, or wood floor, or regular smooth concrete. Does AirCrete can be a good solution?

  • I am trying to find a good mix for making a floor. I have only made a few batches and have had inconsistent results due to inexperience. So I will let you know if I get a good mix that works well for floors.

  • I wouldn't use foamed concrete for a floor surface, as it is not strong enough to withstand the wear a floor gets. You don't want to have chair legs digging holes in your floor. I would suggest that if you poured a thick layer (15 cm or 6") of foamed concrete, then poured a 5 cm or 3" layer of 4000 psi concrete over the top, you'd have a good surface with insulation from the ground. I would not use foamed concrete in any load bearing portions of the floor! Your structure needs to be sitting on hi strength concrete or something that will hold the expected forces that the foundation will see during the life of the building. If your foundation is not strong enough, it will crack and shift, which will crack and shift the whole house.

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