AirCrete - lime

  • Hi,
    Is it possible to use lime instead of regular cement?

  • NO. You'll have very, very low strength. You need to use portland cement. You can and should use fly ash in your recipe (your mix design to concrete people). Fly ash is a polozan - the secret of the Roman Empire. That's why a lot of their buildings are still standing hundreds of years later.

    Your mix design is critical for a lot of reasons. You need strength, you want low shrinkage, you don't want your concrete to constantly be shedding dust, you don't want the surface to pop loose, and a lot of other things. Get a good mix design before you start! Pay very close attention to water cement ratio! Too much water will ruin your mix. It is best to do a lot of reading about foamed concrete before you begin. You don't want to build a nice looking structure, only to watch it crumble over time.

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