Workers needed?

  • Are there any work sites in Hawaii that need workers?
    I have a degree in architectural drafting and design and have been part of straw bale building permaculture and other creations. Thanks Debda

  • Yes Debda, we're planning to start a project on the Big Island next month.

  • I am traveling to the Big Island this weekend and Oahu next week. I am wondering if I can tour any homes you have built there and get more info on your building process? I have recently found your site and am very intrigued by this concept. A friend of mine is looking for a way to build low cost structures in Haiti. Not sure how else to contact you.

  • We dont' have a finished structure on the Big Island yet. I'll be in Puna all weekend preparing a building site. Unfortunately there isn't no phone reception at the site. If you are in the area it's mile 16+ on the red road.

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