Seismic Resistance (Earthquake, etc.)

  • Hi I am very interested in constructing a home similar to those in the gallery of this site. My concern is can this type of dome construction and material withstand earthquakes, fire, floods? Are these structures prone to mold and moisture if one builds in tropic zones?

  • I am also interested in any information that could help convince the building inspector that Aircrete is a sound and reliable building material. We have the New Madrid fault line and they're very strict on seismic regulations.

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    I can’t say for completed domes, but the one I’m building is going thru hundereds of small quakes a day right now. Yesterday we had a 6.9 and a 6.0. My dome is only 3/4 of the way built and has no reinforcing mesh installed at this time but suffered zero damage. I would think that a completed dome would be more resistant than one in the state mine is in.

    Results will vary, just sharing my experience and will update as things change. This series of quakes most likely will continue for quite some time as the volcano we live on has been changing rapidly.

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