Computer is having trouble starting up

  • How to fix the issue of computer not starting up?

    If you are trying to use your computer, but it is not starting up, it could be due to several reasons, i.e. either hardware or software issues. If you can't find the exact issue, you can contact the technical support to fix the issues of computer. Before contacting a technician, you must try some basic troubleshooting as it can save you time. In this article, you find some possible reasons for the issue of computer not starting, along with the solutions.

    Causes for computer issues

    When your computer is not starting up, and you are unable to complete your work, it could be due to several possible reasons. Some of the common causes for the issue of computer not starting up are as follows:

    Faulty power cables

    Faulty USB ports

    Power failure

    Lights with beep sounds

    Motherboard failure

    Hard drive failure

    Operating system not working

    There could be other reasons too. So, you need to check what exactly is the cause of the issue.

    Solutions to computer not starting up issue

    To fix the issue in which computer is not starting up, you need to try for some basic troubleshooting, as mentioned below:

    When your computer is not turning on at all, it might be due to the power issue. If you have plugged the power cable into an extension, plug it directly to the wall socket for more power. If the power issue was there, direct supply might fix it.

    If the CPU is on, but nothing is coming on the screen, it could be due to faulty monitor. So, you must check for the monitor and its working.

    If there are unnecessary USB devices plugged into your computer, you must unplug it to check whether your computer is working or not.
    For further assistance, contact computer support. You can find the best support options and offline by browsing search engine.

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