Some questions from a new member (some different topics, where help would be appreciated)

  • Is there a phone accessible from Europe ? ( 800 numbers can not be dialed)
    Is there a direct number with a live person answering ?
    Is there a shop where you are selling all the products ? ( like little dragon , bending machine , moldings for designer ceiling or moldings for (round ) dome shape ?
    Do you have moldings at all ?
    Do you ship items to Ecuador if ordered from there ?

    Thank you in advance for your help, this would be rather urgent, I am planning on starting my project fairly soon !

  • Yes we ship to Ecuador with USPS international priority mail. They estimate about 6 - 10 days. You are responsible to pay and extra customs or duty charges so please specify any information needed for customs in your country. We dont' have moldings. Everything we offer is on our website store here -
    We plan to have a video training about making forms but it isn't ready yet. aloha

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