Pour in place of a vertical wall section

  • A portion of my building will have a retaining wall, and to insulate it, I'd like to simply attach the formwork I would already have and pour a section of AC right next to it and use it as thermal insulation. It will be roughly 8 ft tall by 8 inches thick by 60 ft long.

    Should I do this in "lifts" so that the AC does not compress too much and the bubbles do not dissipate? I was thinking of pouring 6 or so inches of height at a time, waiting for a couple of hours, then do the next section and so on. Would that work?


  • You can pour several feet high with a good foaming agent. We just tried Drexel Foam concentrate and it worked fabulous. You might go the full eight feet?

  • How long would you wait before removing the forms if you did say a 4' wide by 8' tall pour at once?

  • Are you designing this wall to hold back earth? Do you know what the forces are on the wall? AirCrete is not as strong as normal concrete - probably will be 1/10th the compressive strength of low end 3000 psi concrete.

    Retaining walls need steel reinforcement also. Concrete is only good in compression, and your AirCrete will have about 300 psi of compressive strength, if you get the water cement ratio optimized.

    If your wall is not strong enough, you will soon develop cracks, and the wall will eventually come tumbling down. Better to check with an engineer or architect to see that your design is correct before building.

  • Nope, just filling in around the framing structure in a polebarn. We want to get a feel for aircrete to use in future projects and it'll work well for our needs in this situation.

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