Online workshop?

  • Hi, I´m really excited about the combination of aircrete domes and earthships. That´s my dream! As I cannot go to the workshop, it´s just to far for me, my question is, if there is any way to get the information online. Thanks!

  • Having just attended a one day in person workshop - I would say this is one of those where an online program is not as helpful. There are unplanned events and questions that occur. We participated in a lot of hands-on activities that 'one touch' is critical such as how the aircrete feels like or should feel like when wet, when to add what, how much to make, how to check airpressure, what can go wrong with equipment and how to troubleshoot, etc. So worth attending in person. There are so many youtubers out there posting videos on this stuff who have no idea what they are doing..... beware.

  • I'm with you. An online program would be wonderful. I realize hands on always has an advantage but some of us are limited in our time and ability to travel.

  • Hi Nicola and Layne,

    We plan to create a series of online tutorials. Please stay tuned!

  • I second this as I cannot get to a workshop. Please create online tutorials.