aircrete dome builder needed near Orlando, Florida

  • Hi, we have a beautiful place in a quiet protected country area and would love to build an aircrete dome home. hope to find experienced builder to help us

  • Following... I am located on the Space Coast and would like to do the same. I would like one for the Yoga/Dance studio and one to reside in.. Nameste

  • @InayaPapaya @SpaceCoastYoga

    I’m Joy, based in NJ & can easily fly to FL. I’ve attended 2 DomeGaia build workshops (technically 1.5) & I have a few of the main tools; foam generator & mud mixer.

    Also, I have a couple friends I’ve made during a DomeGaia WS who are also in Florida.

    Perhaps we can get a team out there? I also teach yoga & would love to help design a yoga place 😇

    Please feel free to reach out directly!
    I’m not always on the forum

    (put DomeGaia in subject line)
    call/text- (856)332-2496

  • Hello my name is Martin do remodeling for house in south florida. Looking to help and learn with staying in florida. I am a electrician here. 5619077978 text me and let's set up dates to help.

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