Encapsulating Crawlspace

  • I'm looking to add a slab to my exposed earth crawlspace. A large part of the motivation is burrowing vermin, followed by moisture concerns. My pest guy recommended an aircrete type product. The soil here drains well (I have a traditional gravity field septic system) and don't have a sump, nonetheless the soil is damp even at the end of a long dry summer in the Pacific northwest (United States).

    Couple questions:

    • Would the lightest "shaving foam" aircrete produced by the LD resist rodents? If not:
      • Would denser grades of aircrete be sufficient? If so:
      • Can the LD produce denser aircrete?
    • Does aircrete resist mositure penetration? If not,
      • Would a penetrative concrete sealer (e.g. lithi-tek 9500 ghost shield) be effective with aircrete?
    • Is it possible to pour a continuous slab of aircrete using the LD system? I'm assuming I might need two mixers & barrels being mixed in rotating succession.

  • Yes, even the lightest weight AirCrete will resist rodents. You can easily make it denser by add less foam. or you can use a 1/1 sand/cement mixture.
    AirCrete is much like concrete in relation to moisture. It does absorb some moisture on the surface if it isn't sealed. any good sealer should be effective with AirCrete

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